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Acrylic, Ink, Watercolour

*All works copyright Sherry Crawford

Keep coming back to check for our Upcoming pop-up's and Cool Events!

Peterborough's ART CRAWL - Friday , Dec. 2nd 6 pm till 9 pm!!! Cahill Furriers, 134 Hunter St. W.

December 10th - Peterborough Public Library  - ARTISAN FAIR  10 - 2PM

December 10th - Christmas Market Keene Centre for the ARTS -Keene, ON.

 2pm till 7 pm!

Friday, December 2, 2022

Peterborough ART Crawl @  CAHILL FURRIERS

134 Hunter St. West

What a fantastic location to share a bit of my ART & Indigenous Culture!  This place is so beautiful and has EVERYTHING!

45th Annual Hand of Man Craft Show & Sale, Peterborough, ON

October 30th, 2022

Oshawa Vendors Market

October 29,2022

Great opportunity to set up and show your products!!

The Oshawa Vendors Market offered an opportunity for a Cool... POP up Halloween Weekend!  I had an awesome visitor to keep me company! 

 I was honored to be a Part of the Indigenous Women's Conference, Ottawa, ON  Oct l5, l6, l7, 2022

The Norwood Fair was a great opportunity to meet new folks and share a bit of my Algonquin Culture and ART!

Hoping to get the call that I've won that cool Yellow Car in the Background that I bought a few tickets on! :)

Keep Art Alive

Chi-Miigwetch Ana and Jacquie @ Alternatives, Peterborough for a great show!

Summer of 2022 took me to many places!  

I met so many interesting people, and made some new friends!  

The Wilberforce Fair August 6th, 2022

Popping up here, popping up there... popping up everywhere!  June - The Pastry Peddlar, Millbrook shared their space.  The Bancroft Farmers Market also provided the opportunity to meet new folks!  The Wilberforce Fair August 6th, 2022 was a fun time for all!  Our community member John, dropped off a couple of friends to keep me company for the day! 

August is Blueberry month, so, why not pop up there too!  Judy and Charles owners of Wilmot Blueberry Orchards were  very kind to share their space with me! (Below)


We are very grateful to  owners Joe and Carol Favot, for sharing their space with us!  We have beautiful framed prints and coloring books for those wanting to take home a little taste of Authentic Algonquin ART!


NOW, purchase directly from Cashiers! 

A Gift of ART

Pleased to be the Featured ARTIST at "A Gift Of Art Gallery", Newcastle, ON.

Lush Can​nabis Grand Opening  

July 16, 17 2022

River Jensen provided amazing music and local vendors helped to celebrate this new venture!  







Come on out and take a  peek!

Lunarfest 2021

April 6 - April 22, 2021

Frederick Horsman Varley

Art Gallery, Unionville, ON

The 4ssst Uxbridge  Nov 2020 - July 2021  Miigwetch for all the Promotion, Support & Donations!


Below " Exhibit @ The Mount, Peterborough, ON

November 10/2020

Ready, Set, Stop! CLOSED DUE TO COVID!

"Messages from the Heart"The Georgina Post

Sherry Crawford

Sept. 26 - 27 2020

Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery, Sutton, ON


Ongoing Exhibits/Events/Pop-UP's!

December 2, 2022  ART Crawl, Peterborough.  Cahill Furriers, 134 Hunter St. West, Peterborough, ON

October 30, 2022  Hand of Man Craft Show & Sale, Peterborough, ON

October 29, 2022  Oshawa Vendors Market - 555 Simcoe St. S., Oshawa, ON.  Exhibit / Sale

October 22, 23, 2022  Oshawa Vendors Market - 555 Simcoe St. S., Oshawa, ON.  Exhibit / Sale

October l5, l6,2022  Indigenous Women's Conference, Ottawa, ON

October 6, 7, 8th, 2022.  Norwood fair - Exhibit / Sale

Sept. l7, 2022 , "Keep Art Alive", Alternatives, Peterborough, ON .  Exhibit / Circle of Stones Demo

August 20, 2022 Bancroft Farmers Market, Show & Sale

August 6th, Wilmot Orchards - Exhibit & Sale, Orono , ON

July 2022 - Bancroft Farmers Market , Show & Sale

June - July 2022 - Pastry Pedder Exhibit, Millbrook, ON

June 2022 - Sept 2022 - A Gift of ART Gallery Newcastle, ON - Featured Artist

July 2022 - Lush Cannabis - Grand Opening, Exhibit and Sale - CAVAN, ON

May 2022 - Lush Cannabis - Soft Opening.  Exhibit and  Sale - CAVAN, ON *Along with River Jensen!

March 2022 - Easter Weekend - Centennial Place LTC Home, Millbrook, ON "We Are Still Here" - Show/Sale

April 2021 - August 2022   Permanent Pop- up gallery - Foodland, Millbrook, ON

Feb. 2021 – “Lunarfest – Chinese New Year Celebration” – Due to Covid, in person changed to Online Indigenous Lights Festival, Scarborough, ON

Nov.2020 – Jan. 2021 “Pop – Up Gallery” , Foodland, Bancroft, ON (Covid Restrictions)

 Nov. 2020 “Short But Sweet” – Set up @ The Mount, Peterborough, ON ( Cancelled due to Covid)

 Sept. 2020 – Nov. 2020 “Messages from the Heart” – Fall Studio Tour, Georgina ARTS Centre & Gallery, Sutton, ON (Covid Restrictions)

 July 2020 “Here we Go Again” – Created /Curated / Exhibited - 2nd Drive-Thru Exhibit & Indoor Indigenous ART Experience, St. John’s Anglican Church, Ida, ON (Covid Restrictions)

 June 2020 “Thinking outside the Box” – Created Solo Drive-Thru Exhibit – St. John’s Anglican Church, Ida, ON – Covid-Safe!

 Sept 2019 Indigenous Discovery Wknd, Education & Art Show & Sale, St. Paul’s United Church, Bowmanville, ON

 July 2019 Algonquin Gathering, Bancroft ON – Art show/Sale

 Nov. 2018 Talking Stick Workshop – Sharing Cultural Education through Creation – York River Public School, Bancroft, ON

 Sept. 2018 “Art Show/Sale & Sharing Circle- The effects of Residential Schools” - Earth Run in the Rouge & Indigenous Arts Celebration, Scarborough, ON

 July 2018 “Indigenous Days Art Show / Cultural Education”, Shaw Woods Outdoor Education Centre, Pembroke, ON

 May 2018 Exhibited with other Indigenous Artists at the Woodland Cultural Centre, Brantford, ON

 Oct. 2017 “Reflections of my Mind” - Art Show & Sale – Ross Memorial Hospital - Mental Health Association, Lindsay, ON

 April 2017 “Introducing – White Bear Standing “ Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery, Sutton , ON

 July 2016 “Pimisi Station Algonquin Paddle Project”, Ottawa, ON

 June 2016 “Finding Critical Mass” – Algonquin Artists – Bancroft Art Gallery, Bancroft, ON

 Mar. 2014-May 2015 Opened Crawford Fine ART Gallery, Millbrook On

 June 2013 “Peterborough in Portraits” – Group Exhibition – Canadian Canoe Museum, Peterborough, ON

 Feb. 2013 Taught 8 week Art Class to Youth at Risk (Durham Region) Volunteer

 2006–2010 Created/Curated/Facilitated Indigenous (Annishinaabe) Wisdom Sharing Workshops – Art Prints / Talking Stick / Medicine Wheel Creation/Education